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Where: Lake Fenton, Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

When: 12 April 2017

Equipment: Canon 70D with aCanon 18-135mm lens

Photo details: ISO160, 93mm, f/5.6, 1/160 secs

Editing: Minor adjustments done in Lightroom CC

Notes: It’s fagus season in Tasmania! Fagus (Deciduous beech, Nothofagus gunnii) being Australia’s only cold climate winter-deciduous tree. And it’s only found in Tasmania. When I went traipsing around Mt Field for a day I stopped in to see if the fagus had started to turn colours yet. Not quite. This was the most colourful bit I could find, after I *almost* stepped on it clambering over rocks, poking through the bushes along the lake. Planning on going back soon to hopefully catch more colour!

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